MOOC Workshop

          Okay, in my last entry I talked about my experience exploring a MOOC, since then, things have been piling up and one step followed by the other and now I am finally on the phase where I actually get to administer our own MOOC. Yes. Our very own MOOC called TEAL– it is a short version of Technology -Enhanced Active Learning. It will not get any real than this.
          It is almost unbelievable that I am part of this- Not only exploring but actually doing it myself! So in this entry, I will be spilling all the details of how this eventful session went on.
            So, in the class, we were lucky to get Dr. Syukri to come and actually give us a talk on how to establish a MOOC and apart from going into the details and stages of creating a MOOC course, we were also added as the admins for own on TEAL MOOC. It was still in offline mode of course, but we were constantly developing and creating our own products (with the help of our beloved undergraduates). In the workshop, we learnt by making a comparison between the already established MOOC (Introduction to Digital Photography by Dr. Syukri) and our own TEAL MOOC. We also joined an online MOOC course called Instructional Design for Effective Learning so that we would get the idea on how to establish a MOOC and its contents.
        In the workshop, Dr. Syukri taught us about so many elements of MOOC that we have to take into consideration such as the layout, content setup and even the wordings used has to be really scrutinized so that it will be clear for the users.


       One thing that we learnt was the importance of having a promotional video to promote our course. We were shown an example of a promotional video from Dr. Syukri’s MOOC. Later, we all get on together and started brainstorming for our own promotional video. We decided that the duration would be one minute and we came up with a rough storyboard and preparation details needed to get the video made. When we finally came up with the final instructions and storyboard, I felt the kind of satisfaction that I couldn’t be describing with words. It was a really good effort from everyone and I think we worked well as a team. Couldn’t be more prouder than this. I suppose at the end of every class, I would learn something new and it felt very satisfying to be able to get out from my own comfort zone and do this.
            Here were some of the photos from our discussions:

Discussing on the stroyboard
Brainstorming for Ideas
Storyboard and preparation notes for TEAL promotional video
Standardizing wordings for each category in TEAL MOOC


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