Mocc What?

It is definitely an alien term when I first heard it. Apparently MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course which in a way is the new learning platform which is more flexible as it can be done online. In Malaysia, Ministry of Higher Education teamed up with OpenLearning to launch online courses in public universities. The variation of online courses to choose from is vast and you can explore any new subjects that you are interested in.

These are some graphics about OpenLearning:

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Further reading:

MOOC in Malaysian Education context

-image from NST September 11-

For a newbie like me, we tend to be skeptical on the usage of MOOC as an advance, transformative learning platform, but from the above article, if  we try to understand the rationale of joining the bandwagon, it is actually  to improve on the quality of our education. According to the article, to practice an open, non-secrecy learning system defeating the confined space of the classroom might actually be good, especially when both teachers and students are utilizing technology to optimize their learning. I find this statement as rather true, as having more transparent attitude in  learning, we can at least putting ourselves ‘out there’ as in globally with other students overseas who has been doing it for a very long time. I suppose at the end of it, it really depends on our attitude and our willingness to learn new things or to stay as the way we are.

Experiencing MOOC  For the First Time

I will explore further on the features of my chosen MOOC platform (mind you, each platform and even courses varies yet similar in their on way!). I will share with you what I think about MOOC.

From my observation, there are A LOT of courses offered. Some courses are free, some need to be paid or they might be the combination of two. For my first experience, I choose a course that i feel close to me, the social media.

Media & Social Learning (SMiLe) is my chosen course. This course is under the supervision of Professor Dato’ Dr. Amin Embi who is a professor of Technology-enhanced Learning at University Kebangsaan Malaysia. He has specialized in more than 250 specialized training on e-Learning, Web 2.0, OER, e-Content Development and Flipped Learning 3.0 in Malaysia and Asi

-image from OpenLearning-

What I really like about OpenLearning is the fact that it is user friendly especially for a first timer like me. Once signed up and joined this course, I was given a notification through my email and I then can browse though the course straight away.


The key features of the course can be clearly seen and they are easy to navigate. The features consist of Home, Announcements, Learning Modules and the rest:

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This course has 8 module and they need to be completed in stages, there are dates given for each module (you have to wait for the allocated date in order to go through the modules).


As of now, only module 1 is accessible to me. In module 1, there are four sub topics that I need to go through. Here is the example of question for module 1.3:


As you can see, my post will be read by others (including the facilitator) and they can either ‘like’ it or comment on it or do both. I can also track my progress to see how far along  I am in this course:



All in all, this course is such an exhilarating experience for me- to learn new things and to share it with others. It saves time and encourages me to learn independently which gives me more autonomy in deciding my learning direction.


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